Our Strategic Framework

Pasban Industrial Services and Business Consultancy is established to bridge the existing gap between the customer requirements and available services standards. In broader terms, we are bridging the gap between the developed world and Pakistan in terms of safety and quality of delivered industrial services. We strive to improve ourselves and improve the knowledge of the customer workforce. Pasban’s strategy has a strong foundations: right people and right tools to execute business. Our Business Principles provide pillars to deliver high quality services with safest working conditions.

Our Foundations

Our strong foundations is based on providing and strengthening three prime components of Pakistani industrial services market:

  • Right people with the right skills to provide corporate trainings, consultancy and other technical services to execute business
  • Right Equipment complying with the applicable standards
  • Strong Customer Auditors to ensure high quality service delivery. This component is also one of our key priorities; to strengthen our customer knowledge-base and building competence level of customer employees by providing world class training.
Pasban Business Principles

Our business is complemented by our promises, our priorities and our code of business conduct

1.  Pasban’s Promise

We promise to deliver on-time engineering services with:

  • Competent trainers to help grow Pasban and Customer workforce
  • Consultants to deliver high quality services
  • Competent workforce: with right mindset, right trainings and right skill level for contracted job
  • The right equipment complying with applicable safety and quality standards
2.  Pasban’s Priorities

We have two main operational priorities:

  • Valuing human lives is our highest priority. Thus strong safety culture is the core operational pillar of Pasban.
  • “Customer Satisfaction” within legal framework. We commit to deliver all our services with highest level of customer satisfaction. Customer resides at the heart of all Pasban operations.
  • Strengthening Government regulatory authority and enhance public awareness. We plan to work closely with regulatory body and public of Pakistan through our “Pasban for Pakistan” public reform wing to help strengthen the overall business chain.
3.   Pasban’s Code of Business Conduct

We will conduct our business and deliver all our services aligned with our core values:

  •  Safety and Health in business execution – Highest priority of human life
  • Integrity and honesty in all our dealings
  • Trust in our team and our customer
  • Respect for all social, cultural, political and religious values of the region we operate in, reflected in all our internal and external relationships.
  • Zero tolerance for discrimination due to any racial, religious or gender inequalities
  • Full compliance of human rights, labor practices and law
Pasban’s Strategy